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Lakshmi – Tantric massage temple in Prague

The tantric massage touches your entire being – it relaxes the body releasing any physical strain. Our unique method awakens your entire body to an exalting sensual experience, opening the heart. The massage goes deep into the subtle structure of your being awakening the energy, gradually purifying and tonifying the energy channels of your body called meridians, Bringing about a deep relaxation, leaving you refreshed and invigorated. We invite you to the temple of sacred pleasure, an oasis of harmony and peace, where every moment becomes an endearment for the soul.

Why do we recommend tantra massage at our temple in Prague?Reasons to choose our Tantric massage

  • Beautiful souls of pure Tantric masseuse and experienced masseurs
  • Quiet and stylish environment, perfect for the body and soul relaxation
  • Great service - let yourself be treated as a king or a queen
  • Personal development in the Lakshmi temple
  • Excellent references from customers or experience agencies.
  • Tantra massage temple Lakshmi has been offering massages for 4 years
  • Intimate environment
  • Individual approach
Donate tantra massage - order a beautiful gift voucher

Tantric massage as a special gift

Present an unforgettable experience that awaits you in the Tantric massage temple Lakshmi! Delight your friends with a gift voucher for the original Tantric massage. Enjoy the 2 hour experience that most men and women yen for. In our beautiful environment they will come to an utter relaxation and taste an incantation of Tantra their own. Gift certificate can be ordered and sent by mail or as well can be bought directly in our temple.

Tantra and Yoga is our daily bread

Are you interested in who are our masseurs? You can be sure that you will be cared by nice people who live in harmony with the body and spirit. Tantra and Yoga is our daily bread, each of us has devoted to Tantra at least 3 years. We offer a unique experience with professionals. Among us are also those who practice yoga for many years, who are experts on healthy eating, on the body shaping and on the emotional and mental balance.

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Lakshmi - Tantra massage temple in Prague
Slávy Horníka 17
150 00, Praha 5 - Košíře

Opening hours

Daily from 9am to 9pm (including public holidays)
It is necessary to make a reservation for your massage before coming.

Contact for reservation

Phone: (+420) 776 497 622
E-mail: Tato adresa je chráněna proti spamování, pro její zobrazení potřebujete mít povolen Java script.

Why tantric massage in our salon is not include lingam massage?

The original tantra massage - Prague - massage for men, women and couples

It exist more reasons why we don`t offer lingam massage. At first, we try to show by the tantric massage more then only satisfaction of erotic plasure....read more about lingam massage ...

Let’s discover tantra massage

Come along and discover the hidden aspects and beneficial effects of tanta massage. We will learn how this kind of massage can enrich the love relationship, and introduce some recommendations regarding giving and receiving the massage, through which you can express your deep love and admiration to your partner in a beautiful way. ...read more about tantra massage ...

Into the Tantric temple

Only few had the rare occasion to enter a tantric temple in ancient India. Most thought their existence was only a legend. There were enticing stories about the pleasures of the secret Tantric massage techniques practiced there. It was said they can awaken a man soul through divine pleasure. Only few had the grace to actually see such a temple and they would go through long preparation and travel afar for the privilege of a tantric initiation. ...read article Into the Tantric temple...

Who is the goddess Lakshmi in the temple tantra massage?About the goddess Lakshmi

This goddess represents the true femininity, prosperity, happiness, money and ensures harmony between people. Lakshmi leads us to the wealth, especially to the internal one. The temple inside each of us is built by our attitude. If we let this harmony and femininity to our temple, it will fill us with the internal wealth and happiness.


The body is your temple, the house of the divine.
Explore your temple in adoration and reach your inner sanctum.
Through the rapture of the senses you will discover
the innumerable ways to the source of ecstasy.
These heavenly peaks of euphoria
lie hidden in your body awaiting your discovery.
We kneel in front of the altar, the essence of your being.

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