Allow yourself luxurious indulgement, feel yourself deeply, discover the spiritual hero inside yourself! Awakening of all your six senses is awaiting you – exciting touches, intoxicating smell of essential oils, dimm candle light, sensual music, whispering of your masseuses… and your right now awakened sixth sense for your inner male world full of self awareness…


Sultan – ecsclusive tantric experience for real men

Let your masseuses take you away to the tantric mystery:

  • after little talkand refreshment you will do a relaxing meditation and common breathing technique for attunning to each other.
  • tantric massage starts with very soft and delicate carressing “body-to-body”
  • sensual touches are gradually more intense and exciting and awaken to new life every cell of your body
  • all your body is filled with orgastic energy
  • your awareness reconnects with your body and you enter the famous Present Moment – the truth and reality of your life
  • at the end of the massage you have a phase of realisation of the beautiful experiences, self-reflection and sharing.
  • for complete awareness of what happened with you during this massage, your therapists can teach you some elementary techniques for controlling erotic energies

Know yourself in a new way, deeper and more completely. Allow yourself to awaken the spiritual hero inside of you, the hero who is not afraid of until now unknown areas of his inner world.