Let yourself be enchanted by a conscious touch

Accept our invitation to our tantra massage temple Lakshmi in Prague, where a mysterious atmosphere awaits you and the opportunity to find relaxation, encouragement and an unexpectedly beautiful perception of yourself.

Last orders are accepted until 6 pm. Massage is only possible by prior reservation. Thank you for your understanding.

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Tantric massages

Tantric massage for women

The journey inward

Connect to yourself, awaken your femininity, sensuality, pleasure and orgasmic potential

Tantric massage for men

Sensual, deeply relaxing body to body massage

Awaken your heart, anchor yourself in your masculinity and inner strength, experience unconditional love and sacred eroticism.

Tantric massage for couples

A new spark and freshness in your relationship

Get inspired and bring more intimacy and conscious presence into everyday life. Get closer to each other, increase joy in your life and erotic attraction.

Tantric consultations

Would you like to know the keys to improving your partner life? Do you want to know how to achieve the experience of multiple orgasms? Do you want to be able to tame your intense emotions? Do you long to experience true lasting fulfillment and happiness?

Join us in the tantra massage temple Lakshmi

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About tantra

Tantra shows us how to connect love, erotic attraction and spirituality. It awakens our life force to its fullest and thus allows us to develop our innate potential to the maximum. Tantra is a revolutionary approach to life that brings the possibility of experiencing the present moment intensely and fully consciously. Tantric massage is part of the Tantric path to inner freedom.

With the idea of spreading tantric teachings and helping other people transform erotic energies, in 2007 we founded the Lakshmi Tantra Massage Temple in Prague, a place where one can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, connect with the present moment and gain new strength with a beneficial tantric massage.

In Lakshmi you will have the opportunity to touch the thousand-year-old tantric wisdom of life not only during tantric massage. We also offer tantric massage classes, tantra yoga classes and special tantric workshops to deepen your knowledge of spirituality and self-knowledge. In addition, it can bring you closer to other people with similar interests.

What makes us unique

Why Tantric Massage in Lakshmi

We were among the first in Prague

tradition since 2007

Excellent references

from customers and experience agencies

Follow-up activities

in tantra: tantra festival, group or individual tantra courses, massage lessons, special workshops

Charming masseuses and masseurs

with a pure soul

Personal approach

greeting and short sharing after each massage


you are massaged by enthusiastic tantriks with years of experience in the field, who are constantly working on themselves

Intimate and stylish surroundings

where you feel at home

In the centre of Prague

Lakshmi is located near Andel metro station

Spiritual overlap

space for your personal and spiritual development – through tantra massage and the following possible consultations

Effects of tantric massage

When you visit our tantric temple, you can surrender to our caring hands, relax, let go of the worries of everyday life and immerse yourself in a purifying bath of touch that will put a mysterious smile on your face that all initiates know well.

Our tantric massage is very relaxing, dissolves mental tension and opens the heart. It offers a beneficial experience of sensual touch that spreads throughout the body. Tantric massage goes deep into the subtle energetic structure and gradually cleanses, heals and fulfills you through excitingly pleasurable sensations.

The effect of tantric massage is usually a feeling of deep relaxation, refreshment, energization, peace, mystery, love. You will leave the Lakshmi tantra massage temple purified, deeply harmonized, with an experience of unconditional, lasting happiness, which you will then spontaneously spread to your surroundings.


“I was in Lakshmi for the first time on the recommendation of a friend. I have to say that the massage was absolutely great and completely lived up to my expectations. Great relaxation and very pleasant atmosphere. Tantric massage as it should be with great inner feeling. Thank you and I can only recommend it.”


“Massage at Lakshmi was an experience I will never forget. Sensitive and receptive approach, tasteful environment, I can only recommend it.”


“This was my second time in Lakshmi and the whole time I spent there was incredibly pleasant and relaxing. The amazing thing is that the masseur is really present during the massage even with his thoughts, which is not seen so much in today’s consumerist times. But that’s the only way to really enjoy the whole massage and have such a wonderful experience. Thank you very much :-)”


“… I felt an overwhelming flood of sensitivity, feminine sophistication and receptivity…”

- Lakshmi's client