The Course of private tantra massage consists of two parts: the theoretical one and the practical one. The practical part is considerably more extensive.

If you can take along your partner or a friend, we can demonstrate the massage on him or her. Everything will take place in a very slow pace and with respect to the limits of your figurant. In case you don´t know anyone who would like to be the model, we can organize this for you.

The Course of private tantra massage includes at least 3 sessions, but in case you want to go deeper in your experience, we can extend the amount of lectures as needed. 

Your previous experience with massaging can be an advantage, but is not a condition for taking part in this course. 

During the first session we would have some tea or water together and we would talk in details about what is or isn´t going to happen during the lectures and what is or isn´t expected from both the masseuse and the figurant. In the theoreticl part we will talk about the correct attitude during the tantric massage and about basic tantric principles. Then the practical part starts. The massaged person will be naked and the ones who make the massage will be dressed in underwear or shorts. In the beginning the figurant lays with her/his face down. The instructor will show you the technique of the tantric massage and you will repeat them… In this session we learn to massage mostly the back part of the body. In the end we will talk together about what we have experienced and ask and answer questions.

During the second session you will refresh what you learned in the first session and it will be you who will be mostly active, the teacher will just supervise you. Later, you learn to massage the front part of the body and this time the teacher shows you and you repeat after her.

During the third session you will have the opportunity to show what you have learned. The teahcer can help you or advise you during the massage, but generally, she will just observe you.

In order to fructify from this course as much as possible, we recommend to practice at least one time at home in betweeen each lecture.

author: Lolo