About Lakshmi

At Lakshmi Tantra Massage Temple you will meet passionate tantric yogis who want to bring the ancient wisdom of tantra to all modern people who are ready for this profound experience through tantric massages, experiential seminars and courses.

we have been operating since 2010

The history of Lakshmi

Our vision

We founded the Lakshmi Tantra Massage Temple in 2010 with a bold idea to bring something new to Prague that was not so common at that time. From the beginning we had a clear vision – to offer a traditional approach to tantra massage that would be both unique and enriching for our clients.

How it started

“At the time, we didn’t know what the real interest in our massages would be. We were pioneers in the field of tantra massages in Prague, so we were in a state of uncertainty,” recalls one of the founders of the salon. “But it was this uncertainty that gave us the motivation and determination to bring the best to our work.”

What unites us

We shared a love for tantra massage and believed that this ancient art could provide people with a deeper and more harmonious connection to their own body and soul. Our goal was to create a space where clients can have a unique experience that is connected to relaxation, developing their own eroticism and discovering inner balance.

Our story

The beginnings were not easy, but with dedication and a firm belief in the quality of our work, we gradually overcame all obstacles. “I remember how we worked every day to perfect our techniques, strengthen our team of massage therapists and create an environment that promoted peace and well-being,” says one of the founders. “And soon we began to reap the rewards of our labor – satisfied and loyal clients who were happy to return to us.”


Today, Lakshmi Tantra Massage Temple is a recognized and respected place for tantra massage in Prague. “We are proud of what we have achieved and are grateful for everyone who trusts us and comes back for another unique experience,” adds the founder.

What makes us special?

Spiritual overlap

All our masseurs perform special tantric techniques before his arrival and after his departure. This keeps them in constant harmony and brings a spiritual overlay to the time spent with the client.

continuous learning

Our massage therapists attend the same international tantra course and practice tantra in their daily lives. In addition, the masseurs are constantly developing their massage skills through regular massage sessions.

Exclusive know-how

Tantric massages are performed exclusively with full control of erotic energies. Thanks to this, you may experience tantric orgasms for the first time in your life without losing energy!

We massage with love

All of our massage therapists perform authentic Tantric massage with love, enthusiasm and sensitivity, attuned to the clients and the deep needs of their soul.

Our team

All our masseurs and masseuses follow the same international tantra course. They continuously develop through regular weekly seminars and corresponding daily personal practice of working with energy. In addition, each of them has received personal training in tantric massage as well as a multi-year accredited course in Denmark focusing on tantric teachings. For these reasons, the differences between them due to their different qualifications are not so marked compared to other tantric salons.

Nevertheless, we understand that each masseuse or masseur has her/his own unique energy. Therefore, if you are interested, we will be happy to send you their photos. The reason we send photos is that we believe they say more about a person than words. Through them, the client can tune in to the masseurs and masseuses in question to some extent and see if he or she perceives that they share any common affinities. In general, however, tantric massage is a unique experience due to its transcendent nature, which is not easily predetermined by one factor or another; the important thing is to trust and make your own personal experience.

Lakshmis premises

Our tantric massage temple offers a pleasant and sacred atmosphere. At Lakshmi you will feel like you are in an oasis of peace and mystery, where you can forget your everyday worries and immerse yourself in the magic of the present moment, where your senses will unerringly lead you. Take a look at our photo gallery.

“Exceptional place, they pay attention to the true essence of Tantric massage, from the first moment I was impressed and completely charmed by the clean, kind and polite approach, the ability to transmit knowledge, allowing me to keep myself in a beautiful state long after the massage. Thank you!!!”

- Alena