What you may not know about tantra?

“Tantra takes a revolutionary approach to the whole of life, allowing you to live consciously, with unexpected intensity and openness.”

True knowledge of the ancient tradition of Tantra is very rare nowadays. Many people have an opinion about tantra, but very few know what tantra really is! This is how many misconceptions have arisen. The most common is that tantra is a set of erotic exercises or that it is “sex”. No: tantra takes a revolutionary approach to your whole life, allowing you to live consciously, with unexpected intensity and openness.

Society today fails to naturally accept and integrate sexuality into the overall context of life. Therefore, people often move between extremes in this area. Authentic tantra, however, reveals a golden mean – both in sexuality and in life itself.

The intimate union here is an opportunity for both man and woman to deepen their concentration and to consciously direct their activities towards a higher state of Being. Because of the tremendous intensity of their union, the consciousness of both partners expands and unites, initially between themselves and later with the Cosmic Consciousness. Indescribable beauty then embraces all things and beings. All that persists is then the never-ending thirst for the union of the lover and the beloved.

Tantra is a true, unique journey that recreates the spiritual dimension that is sometimes missing from love experiences. This practice expands human consciousness to its furthest limits and greatly enriches the knowledge of man and the universe. At the same time, through surprising connections, built upon diverse phenomena and scientific facts, tantra opens the way to infinite horizons where many extraordinary revelations await the tireless practitioner.

Intimate Tantric massage is also an integral and very important part of this millennial tradition, which can help you to remove all kinds of inhibitions and penetrate deep into your inner self.

“… I felt an overwhelming flood of sensitivity, feminine sophistication and receptivity…”

- Lakshmi's client