tantric massages for couples

„… thank you for a great experience, the massage was increadibly enjoyable for both of us. We agreed with my wife that if we get the next massage from the same masseuses, we would be even happier (the initial shyness would drop off). Thank you.“ Libor

Are you dreaming of enriching your love-relationship with something mysterious and in the same moment valuable? Are you attracted to the hidden secrets of tantra? You are welcome to visit us in Lakshmi with your partner or anyone you care about. You will get connected by an unforgetable experience. 

  • Tantric massage awakens your vital energies, which then flow harmoniously into your whole body. This will make you feel more sensitive and sensual – both to yourself and your beloved one. 
  • Although the “couple massage” is performed in two separated rooms, your energies and consciousness will keep getting connected deeper and deeper, because everything will be happenning in the same moment. Anyway, being in separated rooms will give you the chance to enjoy your own massage much more deeper, according to your unique needs.
  • You will be surprised after the massage that you see each other with “new eyes”, your hearts will be open and receptive to the flow of love between the two of you. Wonderful new states will persist long after the massage and they will not be finished with closing the door of Lakshmi.
tantric massages for COUPLES duration in minutes price in CZK (€)
tantra massage ANGELIC 90 4 100
tantra massage CLASSICAL 90 5 500
tantra massage CLASSICAL 120 7 500
tantra massage LAKSHMI RITUAL 150 9 900
Masáže pro ženy


Tantric massage will pacify and encourage your female soul. It´s a very relaxing massage, which will help you to perceive yourself more intensely and experience the joy from being touched, but also emotional relaxation and an increased desire to experience your intimacy more openly, deeply and without inhibitions. 

Masáže pro muže


Endulge yourself ina very sensual and intimate tantric massage, which will take you all the way up to heaven. Our exciting tantric massage will take you closer to the mystery of self-knowledge. Enjoy yourself in blissful expansion with soft touches of a beautiful masseuse, which will always make sure to control your energy and not to lose it.