After a nice greeting and refreshments you will get to know the masseuse and will go through any questions which you might have. Both of you will be dresses.

 Before the massage

  • You will be offered to take a shower and after it you will lie on a mattress in a warm temple room with an intimate atmosphere full of lights and candles..
  • We will let you relax for a short while by yourself to let you look forward to the tantric goddess or tantric initiator, who will shortly enter the room and start to give you an unforgettable ritual tantric massage.
  • The therapist is prepared for the massage physically and emotionally as he or she has done special steps beforehand to be ready. The masseuse is topless and wearing elegant panties, or briefs in the case of masseurs. The therapists will keep their underwear on for the whole duration of the massage.

The massage itself

  • The massage starts with very light soft strokes as deeper contact is installed between you. The strokes, touches and experience get more intense in time. There can be moments in which the fluidity of the massage is stopped, in order to feel and realise on a deeper level what is happening to you.
  • When having a very intense experience do not forget to focus on your breath and inner experiences. Do not be afraid to show your emotions and let them manifest.
  • It is normal and completely all right to feel aroused. The masseuse is also there to help you to experience arousal not just on the level of your whole body but on the level of your emotions and soul. Let yourself be surprised by unexpected experiences which a tantric massage can offer…
  • What will happen is always a mysterious gift, which is connected to the openness of your heart and mind.

 End of the massage

  • In the end of the massage we perform a technique called sublimation. Which will be shortly described before the massage itself. It is just important for you not to be surprised when the style of the massage changes. It is our speciality which anchors the awakened energies in the higher energy centres (chakras) along our spine.
  • Through the sublimation technique you can feel for a longer period of time a greater opening of your heart, lightness and energy in your whole being on the background of peace and happiness. These wonderful and long term effects of the tantric massage are due to the fact that the sexual energy has been conserved, as we have mentioned above. Otherwise after a casual superficial erotic experience you could feel tired, weary and dull.
  • The massage finishes with the sublimation. You stay relaxed and feel the effects. The therapist will leave to nicely arrange himself or herself and to prepare refreshments for you to spend a few moments together to talk about your experiences and about further cooperation if you wish.