THE QUEEN, an exclusive tantric experience, includes the possibility of yoni massage. Indulge yourself with royal treatment, discover the goddess inside of you, eperience yourself in the depth!A2_194 návrh pozadí light 3

You can expect all your six senses to be awakened – delicate, exciting touches, intoxicating smell of massage oils, dimm candle light, sensual music, soft voices, sweet taste of chocolate or fruits and your right awakened sixth sense for  your inner beauty and tantric mystery…

Get to know yourself in different light and let the queen, who dwells inside of you, be pampered! Let yourself get drawn into the magical and spiritual world, being accompanied by a charismatic masseur or an enchanting masseuse:

  • after introductory little talk and refreshement you will practice a relaxing meditation and a technique for common breathing in order to get atunned to each other
  • the tantric massage itself will start by very delicate and soft caressing of all your body
  • sensual touches are increasingly intense and exciting and bring back to life every cell of your body
  • your awareness will connect with your body and that way you will enter the glorious Present Moment – the truthfulness and reality of your life
  • this extra long massage (2,5 hours) can include, if you wish, your yoni massage – massage of your “sacred place”

Important! It´s just and only upto you, how you feel in that very moment and whether you give your therapist the final “green light” or not. It´s very important for us that you feel safe and relaxed with us. You can always say “this not anymore” or “this not yet”…

Gradually deeper sensation of relaxation, harmony and gentle inner excitement will charge you with energy, which will again and again softly rock you on smaller or bigger orgastic waves all the way upto ecstasy. All this with sexual continence, without discharge or frustration. Only pure tantric orgasms in all your body or its parts.  

After the massage you will get space for more questions and answers regarding tantra and your therapist will become your private tantra teacher for a while.

What is yoni?  

Yoni is tantric name for the female genital organ and is approached with maximum respect. The specilized yoni massage has beneficial and holistic effects upon your health, because it unblocks stresses, tensions, inhibitions and opens you to increased receptivity to sensual physical experiences, but also to spirituality and the so called tantric orgasms, which envibrate into beauty all your being.

Yoni, translated from sanskrit, means a sacred place. Yoni is, poetically speaking, the gate to the woman´s soul. Analogically speaking, similar as the reflexology on the foot, the reflex zones in the yoni relax distant areas on the body, which are related to it, but also emotions. A sensitive yoni massage dissolves strass, tensions and different mental blockages and inhibitions. It enables to the woman to open herself toward joy, pleasure of the touching and possibly also ecstasy, tantric orgasms and deeper herself-knowledge.

During The Queen tantra massage we care for you not to discharge your sexual energy and not to lose the interest in continuing the massage. On contrary, we care to preserve the erotic energies and their continuous, orgastic flow in all your body and body parts. This experience will make you feel beautiful long after the massage.

You can read more about our attitude to yoni and lingam in the article Our attitude to the Lingam.