Lingam (the male sexual organ) and yoni (the female sexual organ) are considered in tantra to be sacred parts of the human body. They are approached as a gate, which can open both the biggest depths and hights of our body and soul. One should be especially skilled when dealing with something so precious. 

Nowadays, most people do not realize this fact a therefore, especially in the case of men, people do not know about the possibility of completely controlling their sexual fluids and energy. If the man who is being massaged is not sufficiently trained, a directed and intense stimulation of his lingam could lead to the loss of his semen, which would accordingly lead to the loss of any potential tantric experience in that moment.

Men usually search for releaving their everyday stress by physical, sexual discharge (orgasm with ejaculation). They are not aware of the fact that they achieve only partial success: emptying themselves by means of ejaculation doesn´t lead to any long term relaxaton or fulfillment. In short time, the physical tension along with mental agitation are back.

In case the man chooses the same relieve method over and over again, he will discover soon that he actually does feel somewhat empty – his drug (ejaculation) is not really helping him. When you are young, it´s easy not to care about this much, because your body regenerates fairly quickly, but when growing older you might recognize the truthfulness of the well-known asian proverb that the orgasm with ejaculation is “a little death”… And really, with losing the physical and energetical elements of your sexual power you also lose little by little also your life and the potental to grow spiritually (to aim towards spiritual immortality or at least to longevity).

Discover on your own skin the difference between an orgasm and an ejaculation

shiva modern

Lord Shiva – the symbol of masculinity and perfect control of sexual energy

Are you especially looking for deep relaxation, fulfilling experience and enrichment? Would you like to spice it up with something attractive and perhaps so far unknown? More and more men are already familiar with the ancient wisdom of orgasm without ehaculation. Join them. Your sexual energy can be a perfect fuel for your deep regeneration, relaxation, unbelievably pleasant orgasms…. all that without losing your semen. You will be guided through these mysteries by a sensitive and experienced masseuse, who will do her best to make you feel deeply happy and fulfilled.

Massage of the lingam – yes or no? 

The tantric massage in our temple includes to a certain degree also erotic pleasure. As we mentioned before, there are several reasons why we do not massage the lingam directly. Briefly, the tantric massage has higher purpose than just erotic pleasure and satisfaction. The lingam is profoundly worshipped and is not completely excluded from the massage: it´s included, but in a very harmonious and inconspicuous way, for example when the massesuse will move from your tighs to your abdomen. She will also very attentivelly massage all the very close surroundings of your lingam (the groins, perineum, buttocks…). There are other indirect methods and this shall be upto your therapists, if she feels any inspiration.

Final thoughts

Erotic energy is our precious potential, which all of us should learn to deal with as well as possible and to begin to se it for our own development and bliss.

Those are the most essential and the most valuable ideas of the tantric teachings, which have benn, unfortunatelly, lost in he western, consumary style of “tantra” and only some left-overs have been left from it, which are usually focused just on intense erotic pleasure. Left overs are nevertheless missing the main part and that is the profound wisdom of the original tantric philosophy which teaches us how to fully experience passion, but in the same moment to completely control it and to use its power for higher purposes and self-realisation.